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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

School Secretary

Before I was a teacher, I was a legal secretary for ten years. I've worked at 6 different schools over 20 years, so I'm familiar with the workings of an office and how to show respect to the person at the front desk - the school secretary. This is a link to an example of the types of activities school secretaries perform:

Here are my top 5 pointers on how to treat the secretary:

1. Kiss their feet (figuratively, please). These precious people keep the school running. When they are absent, the school almost falls apart! Seriously, I mean it, suck up to these people. You NEED them.

2. Stay out of the office the first and last weeks of school. They are working on projects during these times and they can't be interrupted. Do not ask for your class list - you will get it when it is ready.

3. Poor planning on your part does not make something an emergency on their part.

4. Don't forget them on holidays, their birthday, and especially on Administrative Professional's Day (used to be Secretary's Day) in April each year. They don't need more note pads, pens, etc. They want cool stuff like gift cards and money, just like you do!

5. They are not YOUR secretary. They belong to the students, teachers, principals and school community. I mistakenly "teased" one secretary about being my secretary and was taken aback at her unfortunate feelings regarding my comment.

Just remember, they are vital to you, your school and especially the students. Give them the respect they deserve, for they surely earn it.

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