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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grins, Giggles & Moans

I posted this on another site and thought it would be fun to post here as well. I hope you will consider sharing your experiences of your first teaching job. Give me a joy, a horrifying experience, or both! We'll share and support each other through funny or sad stories. I'll start it off:

Here's the horrifying thing that happened to me (one of the many):

I was hired at my first job because the school district handled a personnel problem badly. About 25 teachers left the district and I was lucky enough to be hired at 5:00 on Friday before Teacher Report Day on Monday! I was shown to my classroom (4th grade) and was aghast at what I saw: desks, shelves, a closet and 3 bulletin boards - ALL OF IT EMPTY!! (I did have textbooks, but that was it.)

School was starting the following Thursday and I was given a $50 credit to the Apple Tree ("Teacher Heaven Store"). Luckily, I had a smart OSU professor who told my classmates and me to start our classroom library and professional library during our junior year, so I started out with that. I have a picture of that pitiful little library somewhere in my school scrapbooks and I was just awfully proud of it! Over that weekend, I found a place to live (in a house one of the departing teachers rented out) and shopped at the Teacher Heaven Store for some bulletin board supplies. I had gone to a few garage sales over the summer to supply a game shelf and my desk with pens, pencils, etc.

The next few days included a flurry of activity in my classroom. I was there from 7 AM until 10 PM for three days. My parents (with some help from the Lions Boy's Ranch kids) moved my belongings into my rental house. My little girl (now 25) helped as well.

Now the joyful thing: I was incredibly lucky to have three other 4th grade teachers who shared their "stuff" with me, helped me plan, and supported my "creative" (and sometimes crazy) ideas throughout that year and the two following years that I taught 4th grade. They have remained good friends even though I haven't seen them in about 6 years. I also have exceptional parents that instilled in me a grateful heart and have given me their love and support throughout all of my life.

Never underestimate the power of friendship, love and sharing. Oh, and don't forget garage sales!



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