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Monday, March 21, 2011

Management Monday V - Once is Enough

In my teaching career, I learned that I frequently enabled my students by repeating directions or instructions. If you ever get tired of telling kids over and over what to do, where to put things, when to do something and so on, try this strategy.
Say: “Please, everyone, look at me. Point your nose at my nose” (little kids will point their fingers at your face in my experience). You can use any attention-grabbing phrase you like, but get them to look at you.

“From now on I will say things only once. Page numbers, directions, anything like that. So please keep yourself aware. If you miss what I say, find a way to catch up. Perhaps whisper to a friend or watch and see what others are doing or later catch what you missed. Call on your intelligence. You’ll know the best thing to do.”

Don’t ever say “Are there any questions?” because there WILL be! Make sure the students are looking at you when you say the “once” speech and at times that you are giving instructions. Once students realize that you will not be repeating yourself and only smiling back at them, they manage just fine. I promise you; you will never regret the decision to use “ONCE.”

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  1. Yes! Great advice. Establishing such rules early protects your sanity and makes the class efficient. Kids really like achieving and hate lack of order!