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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Copyright Issues

In my master’s degree program we did a large amount of research. One of the topics I chose to examine was copyright and fair use laws. All teachers need to be aware of these laws.  In my experience, most teachers are either not aware of these laws, or just ignore them.  In fact, I was unaware of the information of which I collected in my research of the topic. I believe teachers should be aware of repercussions of not following copyright laws and fair use policies.

Perhaps your school gives professional development about copyright and fair use policies. Most schools have fair use policies in their faculty and/or school policy handbooks. If not, I am linking my Delicious files and an “Overview and General Information on Copyright and Fair Use Law Websites” list I created in order to assist teachers when they had questions about copyright and fair use.

There may not be a “copyright cop” in your building, but you should know your responsibilities regarding fair use and copyright policies.

Have you ever thought about copyright issues when you made copies from a textbook or workbook? Share your questions and opinions here!

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  1. Hi Kim. As a teacher I understand that schools don't always provide funds for stuff that is considered peripheral like play scripts (and music). So, teachers become thieves.
    I am no longer bitter about it, but later, when I had a business hiring musical play kits to schools, more teachers stole my material than paid for it so I eventually gave up and closed down.
    Every teacher I chased for paymet who had returned the material ('it isn't what we were looking for') but had copied the scripts and music then used the material right through to performance, were flabbergasted when I told them most teachers thought they were the only one stealing my property!
    Now that resource is no longer available unless someone asks for it and I get paymnent up front.
    Thanks for bringing this to general attention.
    By the way, the plays are funny, easy to present and very educational and you know where I live.