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I am a reader and a writer; a momma and a grandma; a sister and a daughter. I have been a teacher and librarian for over 25 years. I used to blog here for new teachers, but now I have changed to blogging about my travels, and just for fun.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrate What is Great About Schools

I read this article with much interest this morning. I am touched by the author's elevation and celebration of educators across America. We should celebrate what goes on in classrooms all across our nation!

Lately, all I've been hearing and reading has been quite negative toward public schools and the educators and support people who work in them. It is high time faculty and staff members are congratulated for everything they do to educate our children!

Teacher Appreciation Week is this week here in the United States. Write or email one or two of your former teachers sharing something that you remember that they did to make you feel special!

I kept in touch with my second grade teacher until she died a few years ago. Arlene Shuck loved me and I adored her. She never stifled my creativity and encouraged my love of reading. After leaving Highland Park Elementary, she let me come back and "help" her whenever I asked to do so. In high school, we didn't have to report for semester exams if we had perfect attendance, so I would always return to Mrs. Shuck's room just to bask in her love. After graduation, she and I exchanged Christmas cards every year until her passing. I knew I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. She never played favorites! When my classmates gathered for our tenth high school reunion, everyone who had Mrs. Shuck for second grade thought THEY were her teacher's pet! It just goes to show you, teachers are remembered more for how they treated students, rather than for what they taught them!

Appreciate a teacher today and be proud of your own accomplishments!

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