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Monday, April 11, 2011

'Gen Y' Teachers

I wanted to share this article from Education Week with you. Something that I took away from the article was that younger teachers are used to the "social-ness" of life because of websites like Facebook and Twitter. I also understand that they want to share more and would like their teaching practice be more "transparent." Do you think that's true, Gen Y teachers? Do you think you share more of your teaching experiences because of your social awareness and ability to post on FB, Twitter, or a blog?

The author cited a study conducted on charter school teachers who were "coached" rather than evaluated. In some teaching experiences (mine, for example), first-year teachers are helped along by teachers in their building or on their grade level. What about first-year teachers who are placed in rural schools where they are the only teacher on a certain grade level? What if the person who is assigned by the school to assist you is contrary, uncooperative, or simply burned out?

What are your thoughts? How can we "experienced" teachers help you?

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