After being a tent camper for years and years, I recently purchased a teardrop camper. I bought it mainly for security and safety while traveling. I hope to join some communities of women campers to make more friends and connections.

I am a reader and a writer; a momma and a grandma; a sister and a daughter. I have been a teacher and librarian for over 25 years. I used to blog here for new teachers, but now I have changed to blogging about my travels, and just for fun.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

First days with Franklin

I flew to Nashville to meet Rick and Yvonne, who work with the Pee Wee Camper company. They picked me up at the airport, took me to see the camper, out to lunch and back to the airport. They are such nice people, and the camper was just what I wanted. His name is  Franklin because when I saw the camper, I thought of Franklin the turtle, I bought him from a company in Franklin, TN, and my daughter, Lauren had just two days earlier bought a house on Franklin Street!

Me in Franklin, TN.

I bought a different car so I could pull my trailer easier!

Franklin was delivered on June 30th as planned by Rick. The camper rode on a long bed trailer all the way from Franklin, Tennessee!

I spent some time loading gear in the galley kitchen and the inside. I finally drove it over to Mom and Dad's and it was a bit scary! The trailer rocked frontwards and backwards, and bounced something awful! It turned out that I needed a heavier hitch to pull the camper. Dad has coffee with a bunch of guys every day at McDonald's and he had mentioned the trailer to the men there. One of them mentioned that he had a equalizer hitch. Dad called him and we went over to see the hitch. It was perfect! The man, Bob Honeycutt, GAVE me the hitch! I gave him a thank you card and a big gift certificate to McDonald's!

New toolbox - very handy!
The next day, Dad and I spent all day cleaning up, painting, and attaching the hitch so it would work on Franklin. It was a mighty hot day, but my Dad never gives up! We had to create a spare tire holder under the hitch grill, move the hitch wheel, and attach the clips for the equalizer hitch. It was a lot of work! I am so very thankful to have a Dad who can do this kind of work. I would have had to pay someone else big bucks to fix the hitch just right. My car pulls much smoother and the trailer rides better than before.

Dad also gave me trailer-backing lessons. I am not the best, but surely not the worst at backing up a trailer! I have backed it into my driveway twice!
I wrapped my lawn chairs in a tarp for the trip - big mistake. The tarp got ripped to shreds!
Loading up Franklin was a chore because it was so very hot. I did my loading and moving around early in the morning and late at night. In fact, the night before I left, I didn't go to bed until 2:00 AM!

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