After being a tent camper for years and years, I recently purchased a teardrop camper. I bought it mainly for security and safety while traveling. I hope to join some communities of women campers to make more friends and connections.

I am a reader and a writer; a momma and a grandma; a sister and a daughter. I have been a teacher and librarian for over 25 years. I used to blog here for new teachers, but now I have changed to blogging about my travels, and just for fun.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Laramie Bound

I barely slept last night. I hadn't used the air mattress because it didn't fit with my beach chair in the camper and I was determined to have a chair in the camper.

Bike race!
The bike racers took off up the hill next to my campground around 9:00. Earlier this morning, I put up my fly just to get some experience with it. It stayed up well and after a relaxing morning, I packed up and got on my way to Laramie. I can hardly begin to describe the beauty of this area! There is a mountain range, then a big valley where Laramie is located.

Sculpture of Abraham Lincoln in honor of the Lincoln Highway.

Display at the Welcome Center.

Wouldn't you know, the Welcome Center would have a stuffed bear. ICK!

Wagon rides in Laramie.

I found a shady parking spot kind of far away from the old town area. It turned out that they were having a city-wide celebration with a carnival, food trucks, live music, and booths selling crafts. I ate some delicious Alaskan cod from a food truck. The young man running it gets the cod from his father, who is a fisherman in Alaska, trucked in! Yum! I rode my bike from my parking space all around the downtown area and then around the town. I think I could live there!

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